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What others are saying

Rick is a valuable resource for HP-UX and Oracle. He is extremely capable and competent.

I can give Rick project requirements, and he supplies detailed analysis of
what needs to happen to accomplish the goals. His communication is outstanding. His attention to detail is second to none.

Rick is always willing to share his
technical expertise and will answer any question. It is a pleasure to work with Rick. With Rick, I can hand off a project and be confident in the
results I will receive.

I trust Rick with our servers. There is no higher endorsement...
Cecil Martin -System Administrator / Programmer at Columbus Container Inc.

Richard Hines is an expert in his field. We have used his services on multiple occasions for server and database work.
EVERY time Rick has worked for us, I am impressed with his knowledge and tenacious attitude that gets the job done.

Rick is also a teacher. He doesn't hide his work but shares it in order for you, the customer, to be able to move forward with the work he has done
Excellent attitude. Excellent results
Beverly Renkema - Senior System Administrator at Universal Forest Products

 I can give Rick Hines nothing but my strongest recommendation. I worked with Rick for over a decade at Logicalis. During that time, Rick delivered technical services to several of my clients. In addition to his superior technical skills in systems and database administration, Rick has excellent skills in customer relationship management and in overall business knowledge. Rick's work was always reviewed by our mutual customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction. In every instance working with Rick, the customers thought so highly of him and of his work that they specifically requested him by name to come back to deliver services when the need came about again. It just doesn't get much better than that! Any opportunity to work with Rick will result in a great experience and in very high quality of service delivered.
Jon Ryan - Account Manager at Logicalis

Rick is one of the most capable and hard working technologists that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He was one of those consultants who could be put into a seemingly unwinnable situation and come out with successful project and a very statisfied client. His approach is calm, focused on the needed outcome, and always one that is confident in his client and with himself. It always stood out to me how many clients would send unsolicited feedback about Rick, and how crucial he was to their most challenging projects.
Eric Linxweiler -Inflection Point

Rick and I worked together at Logicalis, and often collaborated on the same projects. His knowledge and skill with HP servers, operating systems, specifically HP-UX, and all versions of Oracle is outstanding.

He has a very professional and personable approach to his work and he truly puts the customer first in everything he does. Rick would be a tremendous asset to any professional services organization.
Cynthia Berk - Solutions Architect at ASI System Integration

Rick Hines is in the top echelon of delivery engineers I’ve had the privilege to work with throughout the years. His tenacious approach to completion of projects, strong customer advocacy, and ability to quickly adapt his knowledge and skills to the problem at hand make him an ideal candidate for any effort.

Rick has a proven history of exceeding client expectations while remaining under budget, and with high customer satisfaction. A valuable asset to any team, Rick’s ability to jump in, add his knowledge to the teams and lead the efforts to solve the customer’s issues have made him an invaluable resource to many projects we worked together.

Matt Pennington -
Technical Consultant at Logicalis

Rick is an outstanding project manager and technologist. His client engagement management skills are first rate and his technology skills are are better than first rate. Also, a heck of a nice guy and a pleasure to work with.
Terry Flood - Technology Executive/CPA

Rick is a very talented technical consultant who provided solid services to our customers. I worked with Rick for over 10 years and he always provided strong value to our customers and to the organization

Ken Mage, Business Development Manager

Rick is the type of consultant, direct report and peer that anyone would appreciate having on the same team when pursuing goals. His focus is on success and taking ownership of the analysis and design of each situation, including the end result. His integrity is high, as well as, his drive for quality for all involved. Rick takes his responsibility seriously and respects the authority he's given to meet expectations. Rick was asked to take on some efforts outside his immediate responsibilities and managed them through to successful completion. Rick is someone I would be interested in having has a direct report again, as well as, a direct peer if the opportunity presented itself. I highly recommend Rick for any opportunity presented to him
Brian White, Professional Services Director